GRMEV Thesis Francisco Valencia Gredilla
Francisco Valencia Gredilla
Excel·lent Cum Laude

Ground vegetation covers as a tool for weed management in vineyards


The evolution of agriculture committed with the environment has enabled a transition, in vineyards, towards more sustainable techniques for soil maintenance, such as ground vegetation covers. In this context, the objectives of the work that constitutes the present doctoral thesis are: a) to study the validity of different ground vegetation covers and the species used for these, for the control of the weed community present in a vineyard, and especially against Cynodon dactylon (L.) Pers.; b) to study the germination behaviour of Conyza bonariensis (L.) Cronquist; and c) to study the phytotoxic potential of twelve species that can be implemented as cover crops and/or mulching against C. bonariensis, Aster squamatus (Spreng.) Hieron, and Bassia scoparia (L.) A. J. The results, taken together, verify the capacity of the ground vegetation covers in controlling problematic weeds, contributing to the implementation of more complete integrated management systems.