GRMEV Thesis Addy Laura
Addy Laura García
Excel·lent Cum Laude

Integrated management of Bromus diandrus in dry land cereal fields under no-till


The trials were carried out in order to establish an integrated management program for Bromus diandrus in winter cereals under no-tillage. A model emergence based on hydrothermal degrees was developed, validated and successfully applied in different scenarios. The most optimal management of this species was obtained by barley – wheat rotation, delayed sowing date (mid-November) and a selective herbicide application in wheat. After three years of this management a population decline was obtained. B. diandrus populations showed density-dependent fitness in vegetative and reproductive parameters and a clear disruption when herbicide was applied. A long term (22 years) the no-tillage allows a greater reduction of B. diandrus density and cumulative emergence compared with reduced tillage systems as chisel plow or subsoiler.