GRMEV Thesis Xavier Oriol Solé-Senan
Xavier Oriol Solé-Senan
Excel·lent Cum Laude

Plant diversity and ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes along different spatial scales


This thesis is aimed at disentangling the extent at which species richness and functional diversity of plant species from arable communities change at field and landscape scale. At field scale, the study was focused on the effects of agricultural intensification regarding field position and the level of disturbance at which such habitat is subjected on the diversity and functionality of arable plants community. At landscape scale, we assessed the diversity changes along gradients of landscape heterogeneity, taking into account on the one hand the surrounding compositional landscape heterogeneity and on the other hand the configurational landscape heterogeneity. The trait-based approach conducted allows us to focus on how shifts in species composition in such arable plant communities are expected to affect the delivery of the ecosystem services that these agroecosystems provide to other organisms.