GRMEV Thesis Alfredo Manicardi
Alfredo Manicardi

Estudio de los mecanismos de resistencias a herbicidas inhibidores de Acetolactato sintasa en Amaranthus palmeri.

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The overall goal of my PhD project is to understand the molecular processes allowing invasive weeds to overcome herbicide lethality. I am particularly interested in the species Amaranthus palmeri and its ability to develop resistance to the acetolactate synthase (ALS) inhibitors herbicides and to Glyphosate. To unravel these mechanisms, we combine herbicide screening with molecular biology and ecological studies. This allows us to determine if the resistance is carried on by a target site mutation or if it is a metabolism effect. Additionally, I am focused on the dynamics of diffusion in Spanish ecosystems of A. palmeri resistance populations. To address questions concerning herbicide resistance selection, we integrate genetic studies with agronomic studies.